Doc Christine Fleener


About: Doc Christine has hiked her way through dozens of countries. She lived in Puerto Rico for several years studying a population of monkeys; spent years collecting, curating, and genotyping wetland and prairie specimens across the US; published on data from the Hubble Space Telescope; and she continues to assist international vet care and conservation efforts for wild and domestic species. Now, she applies her experiences to outreach, education, and the design of elaborate role-playing games that offer a playful and immersive interaction with the natural environment.

Experience: Degrees in Astronomy and Anthropology, a PhD in Animal Behavior and Biology from The University of Chicago, and I’ve taught for Trackers Forest School, Homeschool, and Summer Camp programs since January 2019!

What’s your favorite skill or subject to teach?
REIMAGINATION. And all things cosmic, natural history, evolution, animal behavior, and cognition with a side of game and puzzle design.

Gregory Barrett


About: Greg originates from the heart of Cascadia, Seattle, WA. He enjoys Playing RPGs, and reading. As well as passing on his knowledge of critical thinking, team building, campfire construction and maintenance. His goal is to rekindle a love of wild places and foster self-sufficiency in today’s youth. If Greg were an animal, he would be a sea otter… probably.

Experience:  Greg has been working with Trackers for the past 7 years in a variety of artisanal rolls: The School of Magic, Forest Ninjas, Secret Agents, Rustic Harvest, and for the past three years, Realms of Cascadia. Before he came to Trackers Greg had very little background, but a great deal of respect for the outdoors. He was a lifeguard and swim instructor prior to his time at Trackers, teaching kids how to swim for over a decade. He is certified in Red Cross First Aid and CPR.


Haley Spadafora


About: Haley goes by many names: Haley, Nutmeg Nettlenest, Amelia Groundheart, and Komi of House Tanuki. She has been working with students for the last ten years and is itching to get back to it! Before a quick COVID break, she worked with Trackers in their homeschool and apprenticeship programs. Before that, Haley specialized in Realms and the School of Magic. 

Experience: Haley has the highest honors within the school of magic, but she also has a real-life Master’s of Education Degree (which was much less fun!) She strives to make learning so fun, your student won’t even realize it’s a class.

Her mission is: Fun. Learning. Magic.

Lauren Skonieczny


About: Lauren is from Worcester, MA. She is passionate about teaching navigation, wilderness medicine, first aid and outdoor skills. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, backpacking, Australian Football, climbing, trail running, cooking, studying nature, yoga, and hangout with her family and dog. 

Experience: Wilderness First Responder, EMT, Leave No Trace Trainer, 7 years guiding experience, experience throughout the US and abroad, including 3 summits of Mount Kilimanjaro

Nico Spadafora


About: Nico is originally from Prescott, Arizona where he started his life-long study of Paleontology. Nico enjoys Dinosaurs, Drawing, Sculpting, Archery, Throwing Tomahawks, Reading up about Dinosaurs, Rock Hounding, Hiking, Adventuring, and Dinosaurs. He strives to be a “Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.”

Experience: Nico has studied the art of wilderness survival for six years and has been in constant practice with it ever since. The thing he loves about this line of work is that there is no way to perfect it, you can always get better. So as we experience the skills taught, be it survival skills, paleontology, cryptozoology, we continue to learn and grow together. Also experience-wise Nico has traveled to many different parts of the world, studied paleontology his entire life,  and lives in the woods full time.


Ryan Johnson


About: Ryan is from New York, and has spent 6 years exploring the Pacific Northwest. He favors Woodworking, Bushcraft, Birding, Gardening, Cooking, and Hiking in his spare time. Ryan is passionate about teaching fire-building because “Teaching fire building connects students to everything, especially what it means to be human.” If he were an animal, Ryan would be a Cooper’s Hawk.

B.A. Psychology – Arizona State University
B.S. Biochemistry – Arizona State University
Certified Pacific Northwest Naturalist – Oregon Metro Parks and Recreation
4th Summer & Over 3+ years at Trackers Earth teaching & coordinating programs
1 Year as Nature Immersion Program Leader @ Shining Star School
2 Years as Volunteer Naturalist Hiking Guide @ Oxbow Regional Park
National CPR Foundation

Roman Shapla


About: Roman is from Kentucky, where the grass is blue. He speaks Slovenian, and enjoys Wildcrafting, Foraging, and practicing Archery. Roman is gifted at teaching Stealth, Movement, Balance, Patience to all kids. However, his special power is getting any human passionate about the Nature in under ten seconds. If he were an animal he’d be a seahorse, with no jockey.

B.S. Cultural Anthropology, focus on Hunter-Gatherer childhoods (2003)
Master’s in Education, focus on Ecology-based curriculum (2012)
Founder, Children’s Permaculture Guild (2005)
Taught world’s first Permaculture Design Course for Kids (PDC, 72 hrs)
Certificate, Permaculture for Educators (2011)
Trackers Earth staff since 2016

Sam Bisnette


About: Sam grew up in the Flint hills of Kansas. Sam spends his time woodworking, outdoor cooking, gardening, and all things bushcraft. Above all, he enjoys teaching shelter building to his students because he “doesn’t like to be wet.” If Sam were an animal he would be a House Finch.

Experience: Sam has been a horseback guide, chef, and trail cook. He’s traveled the entire lower 48, and did a brief stint as a milkmaid. Sam has been with Trackers since 2010.

Sarah Kessler


About: Sarah is from Portland, OR. In her spare time she enjoys Bookbinding, Leathercraft, Sewing, and Reading. Sarah is passionate about Archery and especially Bird Language. If she were an animal Sarah would be an American Kestrel.

Experience: Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Minor in History. She’s worked with kids since she was young. She also volunteered and coordinated programs for kids with learning disabilities to learn how to work with and ride horses in a therapeutic context.

Her favorite experience was a research trip to two mountain ranges in Baja where she camped out for ten days studying Dark Eyed Juncos. She got to see where the endangered California Condors had been re-released to the wild and watched them come down to roost for the night.

Tom Brown III


About: Tom is from New Jersey. Tom likes to practice Photography, Fly-fishing, and Writing when he gets the chance. His favorite skills to teach are Awareness, Stalking and Movement.

Experience: Tom has been teaching primitive living skills and wilderness survival for 20 years, and practicing them for 40. He has extensive training in Emergency Wilderness Medicine, and spent many years volunteering as an EMT in underserved communities.

When not working with Trackers, Tom is the Foraging/Homesteading coordinator and featured contributor for Anchored Outdoors, which is a website dedicated to teaching people about hunting, fishing, foraging, and homesteading in a conscious and ethical manner.