Outdoor exploration and imagination may be more important for kids and families than ever.

Follow us outdoors, learn new skills, and take your imagination on a journey, with our expert guides.

Join live, small group online classes tailored for all ages.

Learn authentic skills through interactive, fun and social webinars. Guides draw on expert skills and teaching experience, and have been background checked and Trackers Teacher certified.

Single Classes

Sign up for single classes designed to teach new skills, and take your kids’ imaginations on a journey. Role-playing games, outdoor skills, crafts, cooking and more.

Week-long Classes

Your kids can make new friends and enjoy week-long adventures, through our morning and afternoon virtual camps. Drop in for part or all of the 3 hour blocks, scheduled for every day.

Classes For All Ages

Trackers has guided kids and families in outdoor stories and adventures for over 16 years. This summer, we’ve adapted our program to bring adventure to you even if it starts at home.


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Tracker guides are experts in their fields

Our expertise comes not only from certified courses, but from a passion for education and learning, which we’ve built by leading outdoor camps & classes over the past 16 years.


Our Story

Welcome to our family and Village

Molly and Tony Deis and started Trackers Earth in 2004 with a common purpose: Greater connection to community, nature and many generations beyond our lifetime.

Our History