Guides go outdoors, and invite you to follow through your device. Learn new skills, join collaborative stories, and learn naturalist’s insights through live, small group classes, virtually.

Connecting, Regardless of Location

Sparking connection to nature and storytelling, through virtual access

How our classes work 

Our guides connect through virtual tools, but are otherwise “live” in every way. Follow our guides into the forest and explore your own backyard, with their guidance.


Expert, enthusiastic guides

Our guides are experts in their fields — including in how to bring classes to your home. Learn to tie knots, or make dandelion cupcakes, from live naturalists and creative educators, who have chosen activities that work for the virtual format.


Easy to get started

Single classes on a variety of topics are offered every day and new week-long camps and series start every week. Our classes run on Zoom, using its advanced (and seamless) security and interactive features.



Experienced guides translate “camp magic” into lively virtual experiences

Guides’ passion for teaching, and for their subjects, pops off the screen. Classes are interactive and engaging, making full use of Guides’ passion for stories and their extensive knowledge.

A community of Trackers Mentor Guides share and evolve best practices for online learning across age groups.

Zoom Screenshots

How It Works

A solution for every schedule

Single sessions add variety to the day; series and week-long classes
provide consistency.

Single Sessions
Connect your Tracker (or yourself) to a new project, story or skill. Multiple classes are offered throughout the day and week.

Deepen a skill, or launch an adventure, over a series of sessions.

Week-long sessions offer a variety of activities, paired with a consistent schedule. Your Tracker will have a deeper chance to connect with peers and Guides, along with the session’s theme.


Supervision Level

Efforts are made to teach without need for Guardian suppport, but note the following guidelines for guardian support.

Phone On
Guardian must be in the same home with phone on for notifications. Example: Martial Arts class.

Eyes On
Guardian must be close enough to observe, and remain ready to help. Example: Cooking class.

Week-long sessions offer a variety of activities, paired with a consistent schedule. Your Tracker will have a deeper chance to connect with peers and Guides, along with the session’s theme.

Technology as an enabler

Our guides have found activities, teaching topics and games they can share with Trackers remotely. The screen is used as a critical tool, but it’s generally the only “tech,” or even material Guides use. Any wifi connected device will work. Students will not need to type or use the mouse.

Classes for every age

Our experience leading kids learning experiences over 16 years gives us deep knowledge of the topics and teaching approaches best suited for different ages and attention spans.

Many of our guides specialize in teaching specific age groups, and their instincts for keeping a group of individuals engaged are well honed.



Why Trackers Spark?
  • Trackers Spark camps are live, small group interactive webinars.
  • Our staff brings one-of-a-kind skills and expertise.
  • Each of our staff working with kids are background checked, trained and approved Trackers Teachers and Guides.
How long are camps?

Most camps are 1-3 hours. All programs are Pacific Time (PT).

They can be a single day or weekly series.

Since our Trackers Teachers and Guides are online and your kids are at home, different programs ask different levels of guardian supervision.

How do I join my camp?

During the camps:

We will engage and delight your child while they are in the virtual classroom with us. Depending on the class, we may need your assistance at several key points:

  • To remind your child to return to the virtual classroom if they wander off
  • To supervise your child while they do an activity off-screen in your pre-determined spot
  • To assist with or supervise a key element of the class that needs adult support

We will text you when your assistance is required, so please make sure that your phone number is correct in your student profile and that you have your phone with you for the duration of the class period.

Please note that our sessions may be recorded for staff training and quality purposes, but the recordings will not be shared outside of Trackers.

More Questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or reach out directly