As a parent, I understand how valuable the support of an extended Village is on the journey to connect our families with community and nature.

We created Trackers in 2004, and have offered thoughtful outdoor programs to thousands of Trackers of all ages—youth and adults.

Because we did not want physical location to be a barrier,
we created Trackers Spark.

Our community has worked to translate programming for online access. It’s amazing what our Guides can share, even if through a screen: forest craft, wild plants, outdoors skills, stewardship and much more.

Villages thrive through reciprocity. So many families have supported us, growing Trackers into one of the largest outdoor learning programs. As we expand to reach more families (including online), our Guides and I promise to work every day to fulfill the promises to our community.

Thank you and see you in the forest,


Our Mission

Greater Connection to Community, Nature, Story and Generations

We are building a community where we respect the land and celebrate and evolve a timeless human story.

We believe in:

Learning with experienced Guides devoted to the evolution of our skills and sense of possibility.

Awakening the spirit of play through the magic of nature, and the communion of collective storytelling.

Harnessing the positive powers of technology for learning and discovery.

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Our Trackers Story

Trackers Earth was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2004, offering outdoor programs for children and adults. In the Portland area, Trackers also runs overnight camps, mentorship programs, teacher training and a nature school.

Our seasonal place-based camps serve families over school breaks (summer, winter, spring) and have expanded beyond Portland throughout the West coast.

Trackers Spark helps us expand our programming nationally, and we anticipate pairing virtual and live experiences for our broader community.

The Four Guilds

Trackers Spark’s programming, like Trackers’ place-based programming, is inspired by our Guilds. Each Guild is designed to deep affinity in our community for values we hold dear, and members are invited to advance their skills in each of them.


Rangers Guild

Protect the Village
Versed in the arts of Forest Craft, Rangers train in wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness.


Wilders Guild

Restore the Earth 
Wilders are caretakers, restoring and enriching land and community. Through Folk Craft and Wisdom they guide the needs of the Village in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth.


Mariners Guild

Respect the Waters
Mariners fish and tend to the creeks, rivers, and oceans. Mariners learn to chart their course by the stars, currents and tides.


Artisians Guild

Remember our Story
Artisans open our eyes to noble purpose and possibilities. They are our story keepers.