Tracker Adult Skills

Online Outdoor Skills Classes for Adults

Explore wilderness survival, gardening, wild plants, fishing and more. Courses are taught by top Trackers Educators.

Learn With Us

Trackers Adult Skills classes are live, interactive webinars. Small class sizes allow for a personal conversation and quality learning experience. Connect with nature and a community of like-minded students.

How it Works

Upon registration participants are emailed confirmation with Zoom link to access the course. Two hours prior to any programs, online registration will close.

We use a private Trackers Earth Zoom Room for all classes.  
Technology – The room is open ten minutes before the start time, and you can enter using the link provided. We recommend downloading the Zoom app, but it is also possible to use Zoom through your web browser. 

Zoom Details – Sign in and type your user name. Become familiar with Locate the “mute/unmute” or “audio” button. Locate the Video button and activate video. Locate the Chat button. The Trackers PM class assistant communicates with participants via text and chat and available to help. 


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Expert Guides

Trackers Guides are experts in their field.

Our instructors create learning connections by inspiring fascination with the natural world.

In addition to background checks, they have multiple certifications and are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand their knowledge base. 

Our expertise comes not only from certified courses, but from a real passion for education and learning, which we’ve built by leading outdoor camps and classes over the past 15 years. 

We’re still dedicated to creating that Trackers Village, where instructors can celebrate their passion for outdoor education and make a living and receive a reliable wage and healthcare.

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Trackers Testimonials

“He’s been proud to share new things he’s learned with whole family. He specified, however, that he’s not learning like school, he’s ‘discovering.’ Thank you!”
Pamela V.Parent
“Thank you so much for offering a place where a child can have fun, be loud, get dirty and have to think for themselves. I so appreciate that you hold our childern to a higher standard.”
Sarah C.Parent
“Hard to imagine any other camp that is this committed to the safety and enjoyment of the kids.”
Andy & Monica W.Parents
“A totally new experience. Like Junior Outward Bound.”
Lucy B.Parent
“Our kids loved every minute.”
Diane M.Parent