Many Trackers Earth, Inc. online programs may contain activities that may be considered dangerous, including, but not limited to, cooking and woodcarving. Trackers does our best to teach necessary awareness and safety skills and alert parents when they need to directly supervise an activity for their children, but since Trackers teachers and staff cannot step out from the screen and control everything your child does while participating in Trackers online activities, it is up to you to gauge their capability and provide appropriate adult supervision.

You on behalf of yourself and as the parent or legal guardian of any minor identified below are collectively referred to as “Participant.” As a condition of Participant engaging in Trackers activities, Participant acknowledges and agrees that Trackers Earth, Inc., its teachers, staff, affiliates, subsidiaries, shareholders, members, managers, employees, and agents (collectively “Trackers”) expressly disclaims any liability for any personal injury or property damage directly or indirectly related to Participant engaging in the potentially dangerous and fun activities they learn from Trackers, and Participant will release, indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Trackers for any claims for personal injury or property damage directly or indirectly related to Participant participating in any Trackers or Trackers-inspired activities.

If any provision of this Waiver and Release is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable in any respect for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Waiver and Release will not be impaired in any way. This Waiver and Release shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Oregon without giving effect to any conflict of law principles that would result in the laws of any other jurisdiction governing this Waiver and Release, venue shall be in Multnomah County and Participant waives any argument or contention that such venue constitutes an inconvenient forum.

By signing below, Participant acknowledges that this Waiver and Release may be signed in a digital form with an electronic signature and Participant agrees that such electronic signature is binding. In the case of minor participants the adult signing below confirms that s/he is the parent or legal guardian of the child named below.

In other words, you’re responsible for yourself and for your kids, and you will help them as necessary to develop the skills taught in Trackers programs. Help Trackers make common sense more common, and help your kids explore the wild world around them!