Secret Agent Academy: Starburst Maneuver - sbt test

Grade 2-4

$ 18

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
July 16, 2020

Every Secret Agent worth their gizmos knows about the legendary Starburst Maneuver. This escape tactic is guaranteed to bamboozle even the most tenacious pursuer, however, it takes a true master spy to pull it off. Join getaway experts Agent C and Agent L for a masterclass in skedaddling!

Class Term:
Hands on

Space Needed:
Space to spread out
Sara Kessler
Secret Agent

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Sara Kessler

She/Her Sarah is from Portland, OR. In her spare time she enjoys Bookbinding, Leathercraft, Sewing, and Reading. Sarah is passionate about Archery and especially Bird Language. If she were an animal Sarah would be an American Kestrel. Experience: Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Minor in History. She’s worked with kids since...

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