School of Magic: Divination

Grade 1-5


01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
July 28, 2020

See the future in a burning flame. Solve riddles from a bowl of water. Learn the many different types of elemental divination and how to find symbolism in ordinary shapes, colors, and patterns.


Materials: a cup/bowl, water, carrier oil (like olive or almond) or acrylic based paint.

Optional: a heavy bead, yarn. Access to the outdoors on a cloudy day, a candle (lit and appropriately staged with the help of an adult), a cup of sand, a patch of grass

Class Term:
Hands on

Space Needed:
Gregory Barrett
Realms, School of Magic

Gregory Barrett

He/Him Greg originates from the heart of Cascadia, Seattle, WA. He enjoys Playing RPGs, and reading. As well as passing on his knowledge of critical thinking, team building, campfire construction and maintenance. His goal is to rekindle a love of wild places and foster self-sufficiency in today’s youth. If Greg were an animal, he would...

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