Realms Quest Elite Guard: Bubbling Lagoon Tu, Thu

Grade K, 1-2, 6-12

$ 45

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
June 30, 2020

Two Day Table Top Adventure:
June 30, July 2
AFTERNOONS at 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Create your character. Gather your party. Quest through role-playing games and dungeons. Most importantly, let your imagination run wild! Join our Realms Guides for character creation, quests and feats of bravery and daring rolls of the dice. This role-playing camp is one our more intensive table-top option. Grades 6-12.
>Materials: Pencil, paper, dice (optional).

Class Term:
Hands on

Space Needed:
Gregory Barrett
Action Adventure Role Play

Gregory Barrett

About Doc Christine has hiked her way through dozens of countries. She lived in Puerto Rico for several years studying a population of monkeys; spent years collecting, curating, and genotyping wetland and prairie specimens across the US; published on data from the Hubble Space Telescope; and she continues to assist international vet care and conservation...

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A solution for every schedule

Single sessions add variety to the day; series and week-long classes
provide consistency.

Single Sessions
Connect your Tracker (or yourself) to a new project, story or skill. Multiple classes are offered throughout the day and week.

Deepen a skill, or launch an adventure, over a series of sessions.

Week-long sessions offer a variety of activities, paired with a consistent schedule. Your Tracker will have a deeper chance to connect with peers and Guides, along with the session’s theme.