"Life Finds a Way"

Doc Christine Fleener

Expert in: Outdoor skills, Storytelling
Guild membership: Artisans
With Trackers: 2 Years
Teaches: Grades 3-6, 6-9

Doc Christine has hiked her way through dozens of countries. She lived in Puerto Rico for several years studying a population of monkeys; spent years collecting, curating, and genotyping wetland and prairie specimens across the US; published on data from the Hubble Space Telescope; and she continues to assist international vet care and conservation efforts for wild and domestic species. Now, she applies her experiences to outreach, education, and the design of elaborate role-playing games that offer a playful and immersive interaction with the natural environment.

Degrees in Astronomy and Anthropology, a PhD in Animal Behavior and Biology from The University of Chicago, and I’ve taught for Trackers Forest School, Homeschool, and Summer Camp programs since January 2019!

What’s your favorite skill or subject to teach?
REIMAGINATION. And all things cosmic, natural history, evolution, animal behavior, and cognition with a side of game and puzzle design.