We’re happy to answer your questions about Trackers Spark
Why Trackers Spark?
  • Trackers Spark camps are live, small group interactive webinars.
  • Our staff brings one-of-a-kind skills and expertise.
  • Each of our staff working with kids are background checked, trained and approved Trackers Teachers and Guides.
How long are camps?

Most camps are 1-3 hours. All programs are Pacific Time (PT).

They can be a single day or weekly series.

Since our Trackers Teachers and Guides are online and your kids are at home, different programs ask different levels of guardian supervision.

How do I join my camp?

During the camps:

We will engage and delight your child while they are in the virtual classroom with us. Depending on the class, we may need your assistance at several key points:

  • To remind your child to return to the virtual classroom if they wander off
  • To supervise your child while they do an activity off-screen in your pre-determined spot
  • To assist with or supervise a key element of the class that needs adult support

We will text you when your assistance is required, so please make sure that your phone number is correct in your student profile and that you have your phone with you for the duration of the class period.

Please note that our sessions may be recorded for staff training and quality purposes, but the recordings will not be shared outside of Trackers.

How do I join my Camp?

Upon registration & payment for a class you are sent a confirmation email with a “Join Meeting” link.

When you click that link, you will be taken to a page with information on any material or space needs.

Generally, the Zoom Meeting will be available up to 10 minutes prior to the start of the camp or class. It is recommended that you take some time before class starts in this period to sign in and set up.

You’ll be able to access either through the Zoom App or in your Web Browser. It is recommended that you download the Zoom App as it has enhanced functionalities.

In order for the video meeting to run, just make sure you access Trackers Spark in a regular browser, and not in incognito or private mode.

When joining a video meeting for the first time, you will be asked to create a username.

Once you’re in the meeting, you will be asked to join the audio. You can do that from either your computer audio (recommended), or by dialing in from a phone.

Trackers Guides will mute students unless it’s time to share to ensure the clarity of instructions and information.

How do I use Zoom?

We recommend downloading the Zoom app, but it is also possible to use Zoom through your web browser. 

We will open the room ten minutes before the start time, and you can enter using the link provided.

Please take some time to help your child get familiar with the Zoom platform ahead of time.

Some things to try, ahead of time:

  • Sign in and type your user name. Please use your child’s first name only for privacy. (You can rename yourself by
    clicking on “participants” and then clicking your name)
  • Look at the control panel
  • Locate the “mute/unmute” or “audio” button. This controls whether we can hear you or not! Have your child
    practice turning it on and off. Feel free to try talking with other folks in the Zoom room to make sure it works.
    Then leave it off for now!  (Trackers Guides will mute students unless it’s time to share to ensure the clarity of
    instructions and information.)
  • Locate the Video button. Practice turning it on and off, then leave it on!
    Locate the Chat box. (If you’re on a phone or tablet it is nested under “Participants”) Practice clicking on it, and
    then say hello! 
  • Locate the View settings. Choose whether you like “gallery view” where you can see everyone, or “speaker
    view” where one video is bigger than the rest. If you choose Speaker View, click the little thumb-tack icon on
    the instructor’s video so that it is the one you see the biggest. 
  • When you right click or double-tap a participant without video, you can select “hide non-video participants”.
    Select this so that you can see all the videos as big as possible
What’s the Tax ID for Trackers?

For expense deductions use the this Tax ID: Trackers Earth Oregon, 47-2600009

Do you offer refunds?

We want you and your Tracker to have an excellent experience.

Please contact us at info@trackersearth.com to discuss any issues and requests for refund.

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